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Government Departments in Jind

Jind district of Haryana is stretched along an area of 3606 square kilometers. It has a total population of 11, 90,000.The administration of Jind is very organized and the executive head of the district is the deputy commissioner. He heads all the departments of the district and has a number of assistants under him to ensure that all the departments function smoothly. For catering to the natives of the district, there are different departments in Jind and each has a set of functions. The departments in Jind are:
  1. Public Relations Department
  2. Cooperative Department
  3. Food and Supplies Department
  4. Public Health
  5. Irrigation Department
  6. District Sports Office
  7. Agriculture Department

Public Relations Department in Jind

The district public relations officer heads the public relations department. He has 70 employees working in this department to assist in all the functioning of the department. The various officers in this department are: District Publicity Organizer, Publicity field Assistants and Information Centre Assistant.

The main responsibility of the district public relations officer is to associate with the public and the press. He organizes various meetings and communicates the various plans and policies of the government. He collects information on the response of the citizens, to various governments’ course of action. The public relations officer listens to grievances of the community and communicates the same to the higher authorities and ensures that solutions are implemented.

Cooperative Department of Jind Sub-Division

The department aims at the smooth working of all co-operatives in Jind district. It is responsible in ensuring that all the cooperative departments are development and grows to its capacity. The various branches that the department has to take care of are: agriculture, marketing of products, labour and construction, building of houses and poultry.

The department is headed by the deputy registrar and he has assistant registrars under him who look after the daily functioning of the individual offices. In Jind in total there are 532 societies, the different societies are:
  • Sugar Mills
  • Central co-operation bank
  • Farming Societies
  • Industrial Societies
  • House Building Societies

Food and Supplies Department in Jind

The department is responsible for the procuring of food such as rice and wheat. The department is headed by district food and supplies controller. His primary responsibility is to ensure that all the procured food is stored hygienically and protected. He has to ensure that there is continuous supply of food across all parts of the districts. Officers in his department prepare the ration cards, to be distributed to the natives of the district. The other officers in this department are: district food and supplies officers, assistant food and supplies officer, head analyst and junior analysts.
Government departments of Jind

Public Health Department in Jind

The affairs of the public health department, is vested with the engineer-in –chief of the public health department. He has to look after all the administration activities of the health department. The officers in the department foresee the working of various hospitals and how hygienically they are maintained. In the event of the spreading of any contiguous diseases, the officers have to take measures in controlling the spreading of the ailment. Vaccinations also have to be stored well and camps have to be conducted to vaccinate children and the needed group.
Government departments of Jind

Irrigation Department in Jind

The irrigation department is managed by the executive engineers. They are responsible for all the irrigation activities of the district. The officers of the department have to put measures in place in the event of floods and how to prevent damages to crops. The main source of irrigation to Jind is from Yamuna canal.

District Sports Office in Jind

The first sports office in Jind was established in the year 1969.The division is headed by the district sports officer and he has coaches for various sports assisting him. A stadium was constructed to encourage students to participate in various sports activities. Coaching is provided for the following sport such as: hockey, wrestling and volley –ball. Under the sports office, various youth wings have been established to encourage various sports activities.

Agriculture Department in Jind

The agriculture department steers farmers in using modern techniques of farming. They encourage and provide subsidies to farmers to buy fertilizers and other pesticides in obtaining the best yield for crops. Training is also provided by the officers on the best practices of farming and seed laying. The department is headed by the deputy director of agriculture and he has a number of agriculture development officers who look after the various activities.

The segregation of divisions and the clear outline of the various departments is extremely crucial for the natives of the district. This enables the smooth functioning of all the departments. People are well- aware of who to reach in case of a problem and the officers are clear about their duties and guiding principles.

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